November 2022

Our orchestra is back in full shape, 36 musicans gathered last summer and we worked and recorded this single long piece, incorporating a few new elements in our research and composition for large ensemble.

Line Up
Anna-Kaisa Meklin, viola da gambe
Anouck Genthon, violin
Léa Moullet, violin
Jamasp Jhabvala, violin
Patricia Bosshard, violin
Diego Kohn, viola
Edwards Williams, guitar
Ivan Verda, electric guitar
Vinz Vonlanthen, electric guitar
Christoph Schiller, spinet
Antoine Läng, voice
Dorothea Schürch, voice
Heike Fiedler, voice
Martin von Allmen, voice, cymbal
Bruno Crochet, electronics
d'incise, electronics
Eric Ruffing, electronics
Lucien Danzeisen, electronics, objects
Raphaël Ortis, electronics
Hans Koch, clarinet
Christian Müller, clarinet, bass clarinet
Kevin Sommer, clarinet
Teresa Hackel, flutes
Violeta Motta, traverso
Angelika Sheridan, flute
Christophe Berthet, saxophone
Sébastien Branche, saxophone
Steve Buchanan, saxophone
Tassos Tataroglou, trumpet, shakuhachi
Sandra Weiss, bassoon
Cyril Bondi, percussions, cymbal, conduction
Béatrice Graf, percussions, cymbal
Maxime Hänsenberger, percussions, cymbal
Frédéric Minner, bass
Loïc Grobéty, double bass
Sébastien Pittet, double bass

Everyone, egg shakers, claves, sin tones

Composition & direction by Cyril Bondi & d'incise - 2022 
In memory of Gérald Perera 
Recorded at Le Lieu, Vallée de Joux, CH, July 2022
Recording & mix by d'incise
Special thanks to Loïc Grobéty, Christoph Schiller, Dominique von Hahn, Dominique and Michel Bondi.